The ancient kingdom of “Millions of Elephants”, Laos, draws worldwide attention mainly for its awe-inspiring nature with rugged mountains, impressive waterfalls and mighty Mekong River. Like its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, Laos also has a rich culture with several UNESCO world heritage sites. Splendidly decorated temples, exotic morning procession rite of colorful saffron monks and relaxing laid back life, Laos makes an ideal destination for those loving to step back in time.


Little known but enchanting, the sparsely populated Laos offers a chance to get steeped in its authenticity and exoticism. Wandering around the quirky capital of Vientiane, admiring a romantic sunset over the Luang Prabang royal town and travelling through lush tropical forests with a Laos ethnic homestay promises an incredible adventure experience you can not find anywhere else.

The best time to visit Laos is from October through March as the weather offers best balance during these months. Also, most Laos festivals take place in this period.


Laos is a fascinating country and less visited than its neighboring Vietnam and Cambodia. Its quaint settings, sublime nature and laid back life will give you a glimpse into Asia decades ago. Prepared to be amazed by this little gem of Southeast Asia.


    Laos not-to miss: Once a royal town, Luang Prabang is now a jewel of Southeast Asia with romantic ambiance, splendidly decorate temples and exotic customs. The silent procession of saffron robed monks every morning has become the essence of this Buddhist town. A breathtaking scene to behold and a moment to step back in time.

    Laos in depth: Vientiane, the present capital of Laos, boasts gorgeous French colonial architecture and the iconic Pha That Luang Stupa. This is also a great place to savor Laos cuisine and sample Laos beer and Laos  wine or Lao Lao, perfectly in a riverside café with sunset.

    No trip to Laos is complete without visiting the mysterious Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang. Visit also some ethnic handicraft villages around Luang Prabang to truly discover Laos. Vang Vieng, the said backpacker heaven, used to be a pristine area but now spoiled. Please, travel responsibly!



    Visit Laos off the beaten track: Pakse, the capital town of Champasak, makes a good base to explore its surrounding jungle with magnificent waterfalls: the Tad Hang, Tad Lo and Tad Suong. If you have time, take a cruise to savor stunning sunset on the majestic Mekong River or just to catch a glimpse of Laos waterfront life.

    Enjoy relaxing days in laid-back settings and pure environment of the Si Phan Don (the 4000 Islands), especially the Done Khone (or Don Khong) Island.  

    For trekking lovers, do not miss some best trails from Huay Xai through Luang Namtha and Muang Ngoi to Luang Prabang. Spend a homestay overnight and taste some Lao Lao whiskey, then you will truly be touched by the warm and pure hearts of Laotians.



Testimonials from our travelers

We had a wonderful trip to Mai Chaw, Sapa and Tam Coc. Our guides and drivers were very knowledgeable and friendly, we especially liked Mr. Qwang Do...thank you all, Visit Wonders team for organizing this wonderful trip ...

March 24, 2012

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